Google Doodle celebrates fancy footwork of Brazilian footballer Leonidas da Silva


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Today's Google Doodle features a frame-by-frame sketch of Brazilian footballer Leonidas da Silva performing a 'bicycle kick' on what would have been his 100th birthday.

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Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1913, the player was seen as the inventor of the bicycle kick after first using it in a 1932 match between his club Bonsucesso and Carioca. The unusual move caught on and was most notably used during his time playing for São Paulo in a 8-0 victory over Juventus.

He played for Brazil's national team 19 times, scoring 21 goals and continued to delight spectators with his acrobatic displays on the pitch until his retirement from the game in 1950.

In his later years he managed São Paulo before quitting football to become a radio reporter. He died in 2004 after complications arising from Alzheimer's disease.