Google has unveiled plans to incorporate music with its new Glass eyewear, but it could be some time before the technology is available in the UK.

The tech company has announced a US trial that will see a new set of features for the augmented-reality device, allowing users to search for songs, scan through saved play lists and listen to music.

The Google Glass eyewear, which is worn as lenseless frames with a small computer and transparent screen above the right eye, will display "listen to" as among its standard voice commands.

Users will also be able to stream music through Play, Google's media and apps hub.

But Britons could be waiting a while to ask their glasses to play the latest pop hit.

"This is still an early trial phase of Google Glass, with no plans for launch or expansion out of the US planned at the moment," a Google UK spokesman told the Press Association.

Google Glass marketing director Ed Sanders said incorporating music into the device would help it appeal to a wider audience.

"With these new features, we're now building a great music experience on Glass, whether you're a classical music professor, an acclaimed sound engineer and hip-hop producer, or someone who wants to listen to their favourite tunes anytime, anywhere," Mr Sanders told the New York Times in a statement.

The device is being marketed as a wearable computer or smartphone that is able to record videos, take photos, chat, get directions, and look up facts on the internet.

It retails in the US for about 1,500 dollars (£939).

New headphones designed for use with Google Glass will sell for 85 US dollars (£53).