Google Maps warns users when their destination is going to be shut before they get there

Update calculates users arrival time and compares it with the opening hours of the venue

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Google Maps will now warn its users if they’re going to arrive somewhere after it has shut.

The direction app now calculates the expected time that users will arrive somewhere and compares it with the opening hours of the destination, flashing up an alert if the ETA is later than the closing time. “Your destination may be closed by the time you arrive”, the alert warns users, in a box that shows the opening hours and the arrival time.

While Google Maps has long offered both of those features — offering opening hours as part of its profiles for companies, which also feature reviews and other information, and the expected arrival time alongside the main navigation view — the feature marks the first time the two features have been tied together.

The update is only out for Android at the moment, packages in with its latest update. But an iOS version is expected to be pushed out soon.

As well as the opening hours features, the new update allows Google Maps to bring in information about hire cars from Gmail and fixed bugs.