Spot is the latest new military robot made by Boston Dynamics

A robot dog created by a Google-owned firm can withstand being kicked and run around at speed.

Spot is the newest robot created by Boston Dynamics, a firm that creates research robots for the army. Boston Dynamics was bought by Google last year.

The new dog is smaller than the company’s previous models, and its agility means that it can run around indoors. While it can carry less than the company’s most famous model, the BigDog, it can travel over difficult terrain much more easily.

It can also withstand kicks — recovering in a way that looks organic and safe.

Boston Dynamic’s robots are developed primarily for the US Army and other military organisations. Eventually, they hope that the robot will be able to accompany troops on the ground and carry kit — it has already been tested as a pack mule — and also explore areas where humans can’t go.

Its other robots include the Cheetah, which it says is the fastest legged robot in the world, and the sand Flea, which can drive around like a remote control car but jump 30 foot into the air.

In all, Boston Dynamics lists nine robots on its website, not including the new Spot.