GTA 5 Online: 'Capture the Flag' modes arrives Thursday

Follows the release of GTA: San Andreas for selected iOS devices

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Rockstar has announced the latest online update for Grand Theft Auto 5, this time in the form of four new game modes based around the classic ‘capture the flag’.

Set for release today, the update, which includes 20 new jobs, will available for free for gamers on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

‘Raid’, one of the new game modes, will see gamers battling their way into enemy bases, stealing packages and then returning back to their own base to score points. A couple of the jobs for this game mode have been outlined, with one being set in Vespucci Beach in Los Santos and the other in the Fort Zacundo Air Base which, Rockstar promises, “includes fighter jets”.

Another new game mode, simply entitled ‘GTA’, sees Rockstar going back to its roots. Gamers will aim to hi-jack certain vehicles before taking them safely back to base.

Rounding up the update is ‘Hold’, where teams look to capture as many packages as possible that are either stolen or just found on the map, and ‘Contend’, with only one package to be fought over.

Rockstar said that the update will also bring “a host of fixes and dynamic tuning updates.”

The news follows the release of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas mobile version for selected iOS devices, which was announced last month.

However, some fans of GTA 5 may be disappointed that there is still no word from Rockstar on when the promised story mode DLC will be available.