Has Twitter launched an experimental breaking news account?

It is impossible to verify how official the @EventParrot account is, but all of its original followers were Twitter employees

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Twitter appears to have launched an experimental account that sends its followers news updates.

It is impossible to verify whether the account is an official Twitter trial as the social media company does not publicly disclose this information, but all of the account’s original followers were Twitter employees.

@EventParrot sends users who follow it direct messages about international and national breaking news stories.

Its profile currently reads: “This is a Twitter experiment. Follow me to receive direct messages that help you keep up with what's happening in the world.”

The alleged experiment is similar to the @MagicRecs account that lead to Twitter adopting push recommendations for follow suggestions.

Technology website “AllThingsD” has speculated that if the feature is used it will move from contacting users of direct messages and find a more effective and mainstream use for it. 

The popularity of the service so far seems promising as the number of tweeters following the account rose from around 2,500 to almost 9,000 in seven hours.