The service, which is only available in the US for now, allows people to avoid signing up for cable to watch Veep, Silicon Valley and other HBO shows

HBO Now has arrived on Apple devices, finally allowing TV fans to legally stream the networks shows without shelling out for a cable subscription.

The app — which was this morning released for Apple TV, iPhone and iPad — gives access to all of HBO’s films and TV shows for $14.99 per month. It is similar to HBO Go, which allows people with cable subscriptions to watch HBO content over the internet, but is available only for Apple devices and to anyone in the US.

The app is yet to launch in the UK — though much of the same content is available on Sky’s Now TV — and the company has not said whether it is planning to bring it to the other side of the Atlantic. It is also available exclusively on Apple’s devices, though that deal is not set to last forever.

Users can sign up to the service on any Apple device, and will pay for it through iTunes.

The service looks like other apps on the Apple TV — such as Netflix or iTunes itself — with a user interface made up white text and buttons on a black background. Users can add films and TV to a, or search through the catalogue, which includes all of HBO’s catalogue.

The service was announced at the Apple Watch event last month. HBO made clear that the app was being launched in advance of this weekend’s Game of Thrones series premiere, and showed off a new trailer at the event.