High-tech convoy system unveiled in cycling-mad Taiwan

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Taiwanese scientists have developed a new system to help cycling convoys communicate, according to reports from China.

The high-tech system uses GPS and smartphone systems to link members of a cycling group together, enabling one member to simply press a button if they get lost, suffer a flat tire, or need to attract the attention of the leader.

If one member lags too far behind, an alert is automatically sent to the rider at the head of the convoy to warn them to slow down.

The system is designed to help with emergencies and is part of a broader effort to boost tourism to cycling-mad Taiwan, reported Chinese news agency CNA.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs also said that the application can be used to share photos or videos with family members, showing the sights experienced along the trip.

Taiwan is rapidly becoming a popular destination for cycling tourism, something that authorities have tried to encourage by setting up the first Taiwan Cycling Festival, which takes place October 16-24.

Highway authorities are also working to make roads more cyclist-friendly, setting up alternative routes and implementing new speed limits for vehicles where necessary.