Hottest products of the future released at CES: e-readers

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E-readers are on the lips and minds of almost everyone in the technology world in 2010. Bendable, slim, large-format readers such as Plastic Logic's QUE and Hearst and Sprint's Skiff are giving consumers a glance at the future of electronic reader technology at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Stands at the CES are full of new concepts, with many companies pushing for touchscreen-enabled readers and innovating in the fields of color E Ink displays, constantly connected e-readers and video-capable devices.

Here is a selection of new e-readers being displayed at this year's CES:

QUE business-oriented proReader by Plastic Logic
This new e-reader from European-based electronics company, Plastic Logic, is tailored to the needs of business users and sports the largest touchscreen seen on an e-reader yet.
Release date: Mid-April 2010
Price: $649.00 for 4GB QUE model with WiFi (holds up to 35,000 documents)
$799 for 8GB QUE model with WiFi and 3G (holds up to 75,000 documents)

Alex dual-display multimedia e-reader by Spring Design
The Alex is a dual-screened e-reader powered by Google's Android Platform. It combines a 6" Electronic Paper Display (EPD) with a 3.5" color LCD screen so you can browse the internet while you read.
Release date: February 22, 2010
Price: $399 with WiFi, 3G and 2GB flash memory

Lexi e-reader by Audiovox Corporation
The Lexi e-reader comes with a 6" E Ink display and 2GB of storage.
Users will be able to access e-books, magazines and newspapers through the Barnes & Noble bookstore.
Release date: May, 2010
Price: $229.99

Bendable touchscreen e-reader built for magazine reading by Hearst and Sprint
The Skiff Reader is a new ultra-thin, flexible, touchscreen e-reading device optimized for large-format content such as newspapers and magazines.
Release Date: 2010
Price: Not Available

The Pebble compact e-reader concept by Liquavista
The Pebble concept e-reader is a small, compact reading device designed to showcase Liquavista's new display technology. Liquavista's new displays enables consumers to read in color, watch video clips and surf the internet on the 6" device with a touch display.
Concept design only

COPIA suite of e-readers by DMC Worldwide
DMC Worldwide launched a suite of e-readers under the names of OCEAN and TIDAL at CES that will connect to COPIA online destination for all books, newspapers, magazines and digital content downloads. The devices combine monochrome e-paper-based touch screens with WiFi and 3G connections.
Release date: April 2010
Price: from $199 to $299

COOL-ER e-reader updates and new e-readers by Interead
At CES Interead released a range of new e-reader models including the COOL-ER compact, the COOL-ER Connect and the COOL-ER 3G and added new colors to their COOL-ER Classic range.

COOL-ER Classic
Release date: available now
Price: $249

COOL-ER Connect
Release date: Spring 2010
Price: not available

Release date: mid-2010
Price: not available