Instagram crashes: Photo-sharing website does down again... so users take to Twitter instead

Social media alive with complaints and jokes at the expense of companies 'technical issues'

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Photo-sharing website Instagram crashed on Thursday night, prompting a flurry of complaints and jokes on social media.

“Instagram is experiencing some technical issues. We're aware and working on a fix,” it said on its Twitter account.

Its main website was a blank page apart from the words “server error”.

Understanding the effect on some users, Gossip website Radar Online ‏tweeted: “So @instagram is down... Is everyone doing ok? #WeFeelYourPain.”

Instagram user Dave Turner tweeted: “Looks like i am spending the night driving around friends' houses asking to look at their dinners again.”

Alex Goldschmidt joked: “How am I supposed to flirt with boys I like by liking their selfies if Instagram is down?”

Bryce Alford pondered a social media apocalypse: “What if Twitter and Instagram went down at the same time. Folks wouldn’t know what to do,” he said.