UK users will be able to get the update from 6pm tonight

Apple's new operating system will likely not come without a few hiccups

Apple releases iOS 8 to iPhone, iPads and iPods around the world today bringing a fresh look and a host of new features.

You can find out what you need to get ready for the upgrade here, but first here's a few potential negatives to iOS 8 you might want to take into consideration before hitting 'install'.

Potential bugs

Even Apple operating systems aren't perfect the first time round and chances are there will be some issues with iOS 8, with 8.1, 8.2 etc updates sure to follow addressing these.

iOS 7 was blighted by a fair few bugs in its infancy, most memorably one that allowed thieves to bypass the Activation Lock.

App compatibility

Developers are provided with beta versions of iOS 8 pre-launch so they can ready their apps, but with so much third-party software out there, the chances are there will be hiccups with some apps/games.

Battery drain during installation

The download of iOS 8 will be between two and three gigabytes in size, so you might want to make sure you have a decent amount of charge/are plugged into the wall before giving your phone over to the mammoth update.

Say goodbye to jailbreak

If you're of the jailbreaking persuasion, updating to iOS 8 will certainly revert your liberated device.

Problems with older devices

Apple has insisted that older devices like iPad 2, the iPhone 4S and the fifth-gen iPod will run fine on iOS 8, but aged handsets are more likely to initially struggle under the weight of iOS 8.


Some people felt iOS 7 was a little too bright and cartoonish and preferred the look of iOS 6. If the appearance of an OS is the sort of thing that's going to bother you, it might be worth playing around with it on someone else's updated device first.