New device expected to be something like a MacBook-iPad hybrid

Apple has delayed plans for a much bigger version of its tablet, known as the iPad Pro, according to reports.

The plans have been postponed because Apple has had trouble getting the parts for the rumoured product, reported Bloomberg. But the delay might actually be a result of late redesigns as the company seeks to position the tablet for the enterprise and work market, said the Wall Street Journal.

Apple has not officially said that it is working on the tablet, but a number of rumours have pointed to the fact that the company is working on a bigger tablet to bridge the gap between laptops and touchscreen devices and to sell the product to workplaces.

Some had expected it to be released towards the middle of this year, but the launch has been pushed back to late-2015 or early-2016, according to reports.

To become suitable for such uses, the iPad Pro will be much more like a computer. It will include USB 3.0 ports to allow it to connect to external drives and accessories, like a computer, and might include other inputs and outputs.

That will allow it to be used more like a professional computer. Video editors, for instance, would be able to plug in hard drives to work on films and also add mice and keyboards for extra control.

Apple has gradually been reducing the number of ports in its computers — and a rumoured update to the MacBook Air set to be released later this year will see it get rid of almost all of them — but the more high-end devices like the Mac Pro continue to have a range of connections.

It is also seeking the improve the charging time of the iPad Pro. Given that the screen is much larger and the device would likely be used for much more intense work, the company wants to ensure that the charger needs to be plugged in for less time and still lasts for a good amount of time.