Queues have already begun for the iPhone 6

Defibrillators at the ready, a slightly better smartphone is coming

Man the live streams on your soon to be hopelessly-outdated iPhone 5s, tomorrow sees the arrival of the iPhone 6, when Apple hosts an event enshrouded in much mystery and rumour in Cupertino, California.

Despite the thousands of reports on what will be unveiled, Apple has confirmed literally nothing except a date with regards to the event, but here's some things we'll very probably see:

1. A change in display size

Apple has long been rumoured to be upping the iPhone's dimensions to keep in line with the ever-expanding Android devices. This might irk those who prefer not to have disjointed thumbs however, so Apple could well launch two phones (one 4.7 inch, one 5.5 inch).

LIVE: Apple iPhone 6 event

2. Improved camera

The trusty 8MP camera has served the iPhone well so far, with Apple having always taken the stance of not simply throwing megapixels at the problem,  but many think the iPhone 6 will finally make the jump to a 13MP or 16MP sensor.

3. Revamped design

Expect a slimmer phone and a metal unibody. Other changes are likely to be small however, Apple likes to maintain a feeling of congruency through its devices, the style of the iPhone having not really changed that radically since the iPhone 4.

4. Better TouchID

On the iPhone 5s the fingerprint sensor was used solely for unlocking the phone and making App Store purchases, but it should have more functionality on the 6 and work in tandem with NFC.

5. Beefier hardware

A 64 bit Apple A8 processor probably, 2 GB RAM and storage size options up to 128 GB. Sadly a drastic improvement in battery life is unlikely though, as all these new features require ever more energy to run.

6. iWatch

A telephone! For your wrist!

Many fashion journalists have been invited to the event this time around, so wearable tech is almost a certainty.

Bonus event certainties:

- Casual slacks

- Speakers to use words like 'distillation' and 'harmoniously' and certainly 'experience'

- Muzak

- Raptuous applause for features people aren't quite sure they want or understand

- Selfies of people rock climbing and hot air ballooning as demo wallpapers

- Everyone trying to avoid that whole iCloud thing as much as possible