Device appears greatly slimmed down in new pictures

As iPhone 6 rumours come thick and fast, the latest batch of leaked photos are devoid of finger marks and dodgy resolutions, making what is purportedly Apple's next device look really quite sleek and beautiful (bar that irksome silver surround).

The images come from Feld & Volk, a luxury phone brand which have been posting pictures it claims are of the finished iPhone 6 through its Instagram account.

The device looks a lot like a larger version of the current iPod Touch, being very slim and flat, though the casing's rounded edges and metallic colour are more reminiscent of 2007's original iPhone.

The photos are entirely unconfirmed, but echo others we have seen being bandied around by other sources, including the very convincing 'unboxing' shots we saw a couple of weeks back - suggesting we're getting pretty close to what the final handset will look like.

iphone6 2.jpg
Will the iPhone 6 return to more rounded edges? (Picture: Feld & Volk)

Previous leaks from Feld & Volk have the iPhone 6 getting a scratch-resistant logo, slimmed down volume buttons and a raised camera ring.

Apple has set a 9 September date for an announcement, when a 4.7-inch iPhone and slightly taller 5.5-inch model are expected to be unveiled.

Both phone are believed to be switching from Gorilla Glass to sapphire for their screens and getting 13 megapixel cameras and aluminium bodies.