iPhone 6c: Leaked video may show new, small Apple phone that looks almost identical to iPhone 6s

The veracity of the video is unconfirmed but the leakers have had access to unreleased Apple products in the past

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The upcoming iPhone 6c may have been revealed in what claims to be a hands-on video.

Apple has been long rumoured to be planning to soon release a smaller and slightly slower version of its iPhone. It might finally have been revealed — and it looks a lot like the existing iPhone 6.

Rumours have suggested that it will be shown off at an event in March. The company has also been rumoured to be revealing an Apple Watch 2 at the same event — though that has also been shot down, and it might just be revealing Apple Watch accessories instead.

Rumours have pointed to the iPhone 6c coming with the same size screen as was used in the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s. Inside, it is likely to have similar components to the bigger iPhone 6s, but might leave out headline features like the pressure-sensitive 3D Touch display.

It isn’t clear that the video is genuine. The people seen in the film don’t show any measurements or other items for comparison, and it is not clear where the phone is claimed to have come from.

But the makers of the video, MIC Gadget, have revealed devices before and so it is possible that it is legitimate.

The video doesn’t show any of the phone’s packaging or marketing materials, so it’s still unclear what its name will be. Many people have taken to calling the phone the 6c — though some have suggested that it might be called 5e.

The 6c name would follow the convention established when Apple released a cheaper, slightly slower phone with the iPhone 5c. But that “c” appeared to stand for colour, since the 5c came in a range of bright hues, though some have pointed out that it could also stand for “cheap”.