iPhone 6s (AP) / AP

Phones are about £50 a month, plus up to £100 upfront

The new iPhone is set to come out in a couple of weeks, and EE has laid out its price plans for buying phones through the network.

Pre-orders are already open — and for many versions of the phones are already running out.

EE is selling all of the versions of the phones — four colours, two screen sizes and three storage options.

It says that it will dispatch them within 28 days, either direct or to a local EE store.

EE’s cheapest deal is for the (tiny) 16GB iPhone 6s. They cost £49.99 upfront, and then £49.99 per month.

The company offers deals with slightly higher upfront cost and a lower monthly charge, too — for £54.99 per month, you pay £29.99 for the phone and get 10GB of internet rather than 4GB. You can get more internet on the £49.99 per month deal if you pay £99.99 for the phone.

All of those deals have unlimited texts and minutes.

EE’s recommended deal for the iPhone 6s Plus costs £54.99 a month plus a £69.99 upfront fee for the phone. That gets you 10GB of data and unlimited talk and texts.

The company also offers 20GB with the same monthly cost but an £89.99 upfront charge, or 20GB for £59.99 per month and £49.99 for the phone.

For both phones, EE offers the option to upgrade if customers are in the last 45 days of their contract.