iPhone 6s event: live updates as Apple prepares for the biggest launch in its history

A new iPhone, Apple TV, iPads and Apple Watches could all be shown off at the event — and perhaps even a car

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Apple is gearing up for one of the biggest events in its history — which will see it attempt to keep up the momentum of the iPhone 6, launch its bid for people's living rooms and show off a huge new version of the iPad. And we'll be covering all of the preparation, the event and the analysis live.

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As well as the iPhone, Apple is expected to potentially launch more products than any event before. Almost every mobile device that it makes will see an upgrade — and everything else, such as the MacBooks, will probably get their software shown off too.

It is Apple's chance to once again respond to claims that its momentum might be lagging after the iPhone 6 — by far the most successful phone in its history — as well as lay out its plans to grow yet further.

Apple's event begins at 6pm UK time, and is expected to run for about two or two-and-a-half hours. We'll be following all of the lead-up to the event, including any last-minute rumours — as well providing in-depth coverage during.

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