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We've picked through all the networks' offers, to see the best deals on Apple's new handset

Networks have revealed how much they'll sell the brand new iPhone 6s for — and while Apple's new phone might be seeing record-breaking success, it's also fairly expensive.

Pre-orders of the iPhone 6s have already begun — and have led to some models selling out. The phone will be released on September 25.

The cheapest monthly payment is Three's base deal, which offers the 16GB phone, with 1GB per month of data, for £38 per month. That requires paying £99, up front, as with all of Three's deals.

But that still seems to work out at the best price over the two-year length of the contract.

The cheapest upfront deal seems to be with O2, which offers the phone for a £29.99 initial cost. But that's for the small 16GB phone, with a similarly small 3GB data allowance, at £46 a month.

Here's a full round-up of all the deals that each of the major networks are offering.


The new iPhone is set to come out in a couple of weeks, and EE has laid out its price plans for buying phones through the network.

Pre-orders are already open — and for many versions of the phones are already running out.

EE is selling all of the versions of the phones — four colours, two screen sizes and three storage options.

It says that it will dispatch them within 28 days, either direct or to a local EE store.

EE’s cheapest deal is for the (tiny) 16GB iPhone 6s. They cost £49.99 upfront, and then £49.99 per month.

The company offers deals with slightly higher upfront cost and a lower monthly charge, too — for £54.99 per month, you pay £29.99 for the phone and get 10GB of internet rather than 4GB. You can get more internet on the £49.99 per month deal if you pay £99.99 for the phone.

All of those deals have unlimited texts and minutes.


EE’s recommended deal for the iPhone 6s Plus costs £54.99 a month plus a £69.99 upfront fee for the phone. That gets you 10GB of data and unlimited talk and texts.

The company also offers 20GB with the same monthly cost but an £89.99 upfront charge, or 20GB for £59.99 per month and £49.99 for the phone.

For both phones, EE offers the option to upgrade if customers are in the last 45 days of their contract.


O2 has revealed its tariffs ahead of the release later this month — as iPhones are already selling out.

02 are offering the iPhone 6S in all four colours with 16, 24 and 128GB capacities available. All plans come with unlimited texts and minutes and are 4G ready.

All phones are on a 24 month contract, but some deals come with a free upgrade after 12 months.

Their cheapest deal is for the 16GB phone with 3GB data allowance at £46 a month with a £29.99 upfront cost.

All plans with 20GB data allowance also come with Damage and Breakdown Cover for two years and start at £54 a month with a £9.99 upfront cost on a 16Gb phone. The same plan on the 128GB phone is £59 a month with a £39.99 upfront cost. The new iPhone 6s - in pictures

O2 recommends the 30GB data plan across all three capacities, which comes with a free upgrade after 12 months. This plan starts at £59 a month with a £9.99 upfront cost on the 16GB phone, while the overall most expensive tariff is the same plan on the 128GB phone at £64 a month with an upfront cost of £39.99.


Mobile network 3 has announced its pricing for the iPhone 6s — the newly-launched Apple handset that is already projected to smash through sales records.

3 Mobile is offering the 6s in four different colours and three different capacities: 16, 64 or 128GB.

All tariffs come with a £99 upfront cost on a 24 month contract with unlimited texts and minutes.

The cheapest contract is for the 16GB phone with 1GB data allowance for £38 a month. Paying more each month will increase the phone’s memory, data allowance or both.

The most expensive option is the 128GB phone with unlimited data, texts and minutes for £61 a month.

For the heavy internet user, the cheapest “all-you-can-eat” data package is £51 a month on the 16GB phone.

Pre-orders for the iPhone opened over the weekend. It will go on sale on September 25.

Sales are already projected to smash through records set by the iPhone 6, and pre-orders have already led to weeks-long waits to actually have the phone delivered.


Vodafone offer three colours, currently omitting the rose gold option. There are three capacities available: 16, 64 or 128 GB.

All tariffs are for a 24 month contract and with 4G.

The cheapest plan is the 16GB phone with 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB data allowance for £39 a month and an upfront cost of £99.

Vodafone’s recommended deal is the 16GB phone with unlimited minutes and texts with 2GB allowance for £44 a month and a £59 upfront fee.

For the slightly heavier user, the 64GB model is available with unlimited minutes and texts and 8GB allowance for £59 a month with a free subscription to Netflix, NowTV, Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile TV.

Apple unveiled the new rose gold colour along with the iPhone 6s, last week. It matches the colour found in its Apple Watches — but it's yet to come to the MacBooks or iPads.

Additional reporting by Sam Vallancey