iPhone 7 rumours: New phone will be even thinner than current model, leaks suggest

The company is dropping the headphone jack to make space and swapping it for another speaker, according to reports

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The next iPhone will be even thinner than its tiny predecessor, according to new leaks, yet still pack in new features.

The iPhone 7 will include a flush camera — getting rid of the bump that sticks out of the back of the 6 and 6s — as well as stereo speakers, according to reports. All of that will be packed into a body that will be 1mm thinner than the one on previous iPhones.

In order to shrink the phone down, the company is likely to drop the headphone jack and shrink down the Lightning port that is used to charge it, according to a report from Macotakara that corroborates other recent reports. Changing the Lightning port won’t mean introducing a new wire for charging, instead simply slimming down the port that it plugs into.

All of those changes will allow the phone to be as thin as 6.1mm. That will make it as thin as the iPod Touch, and by far the slimmest iPhone Apple has ever made, though it will keep its current height and width.

The introduction of new speakers will also make the phone the first to move away from mono sound. The extra speaker will allow it to produce stereo sound — a move similar to the one Apple made when it added speakers all around its iPad Pro for more expansive sound.

But that speaker will sit in the space previously held by the headphone jack, according to previous reports. The company is set to move towards requiring headphones to be plugged in through the Lightning port or to use Bluetooth, though it has been suggested that the company could also include an adapter to plug in old headphones.

Apple is rumoured to be introducing the new phone in September, and releasing it very soon after. Before that, it is expected to release the iPhone SE.