iPhone SE release live: Apple launches new smaller, cheaper handset alongside iPad Pro and Apple Watch accessories - as it happened

A small new iPhone and a big new iPad are expected at the event — though some surprises might be on their way too

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Apple has hosted its Spring launch event in California, releasing a huge range of new devices.

During an event headlined by the small, cheap iPhone SE, the company also released a new iPad Pro and Apple Watch accessories. As well as the new products, it unveiled new software and new programmes centred around health and sustainability.

The iPhone SE is Apple's cheapest phone ever made. It said it had launched it to appeal to those people who continue to use smaller handsets, as well as people who want a cheaper phone and could be encouraged into buying their first ever iPhone.

That set the tone for an event focused on bringing Apple's biggest features to some of its more neglected lines. The iPad Pro, for instance, was a new smaller iPad that featured many of the same features as its bigger sibling – all packed into a box the same size as the iPad Air.


The company didn't release the iPhone 7 at the event. That's due for September.