A member of the press uses the iPhone 6 at its launch event on September 9, 2014 / Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It will come in a design that’s almost the same as an iPhone 5s — but its insides will be far from old, according to new leaks

The new iPhone will feature almost all of the same specifications as the 6s, despite being packed into an older and smaller body, according to a new report.

The iPhone SE is set to be launched at a major Apple event next week, and is expected to be released very soon after that. It will be Apple’s move back towards the 4-inch size that was found in the iPhone 5s, but will consist of an update to the insides of that phone.

Much of that hardware inside will be along the lines of the iPhone 6s, according to a report from the almost always reliable 9to5mac. It will include the same processor, including the chip that allows the phone to be awoken by saying “Hey Siri”; a chip that allows it to run Apple Pay; and the same rear camera that comes in the iPhone 6s.

That camera will include the option for 12 megapixel photos and 4K video recording, according to the same report. The new iPad Pro — which is really an improvement to the existing iPad Air — will include those same photography capabilities.

On the outside, the phone will borrow the look of the 5s, according to the report. Some had suggested that the external design would be somewhere between that handset and the 6, but the new report claims it will be nearly identical.

The only change between the 5s and the SE will be that it will have a different finish on the edges. Otherwise it will include the same boxier design and glass on the back, the report claims.