Keep your eyes on the White House with new mobile app

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The American government has introduced a new iPhone application that lets people watch live video streams directly from the White House.

The application, called White House App keeps people informed of current political events, press briefings and official blog posts. Key speeches, web chats with Administration officials and other major presidential events are just some of the examples of content that will be streamed live to the White House App users' iPhones.

Also included are behind-the-scenes photos from the White House and on-demand videos of recent speeches and White House events.

The application can be downloaded from Apple's iTunes store for free and is "just the first step" towards a full mobile solution for the White House.

During the next few weeks, the American Government is planning on launching a mobile version of their website, to be located at, and investigating the use of emerging technologies.

The government hopes the wider use of new technologies will entice the younger, tech-savvy generation of Americans to become interested in the President and his administration and will make information more readily available to the wider public.

You can also keep your eyes on the White House by visiting their official YouTube channel,