Kim Dotcom's latest website 'Mega' to offer encrypted email

Mega will offer users 50GB of space on the cloud for files of any time, as well as encrypted email for the more secretive web-browser

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File-sharing mogul and enemy of US copyright regulators Kim Dotcom has announced his new website ‘Mega’ will feature encrypted emails.

US prosecutors last year closed the hugely successful Megaupload, which Dotcom created in 2005, after it was judged to be facilitating millions of illegal downloads. The prosecution added that the website cost the entertainment industry over £300m.

The new site will give users the ability to upload and store files of any kind, much like other cloud storage services. The difference between Mega and Megaupload is that content will only be downloadable by the original uploader.

Mega offers a healthy 50GB of cloud space completely free, compared to iCloud, £15 a year for 15GB; Dropbox, £6.59 a month for100GB and Amazon Cloud Drive, £15 a year for 20GB.

Dotcom faces extradition from New Zealand to the US over copyright infringements in relation to Megaupload.

Speaking via Skype from New Zealand, Dotcom told The Guardian  that his most recent venture has over 3m registered users and 125m files have been uploaded to its servers in its first month of business.

"It took Dropbox (the cloud storage service) two years to achieve that," Dotcom, 39, said. "We can see really high demand for this storage."

Adding: “We're going to extend this to secure email which is fully encrypted so that you won't have to worry that a government or internet service provider will be looking at your email.”