How the 600,000 renamed bars will appear / Nestle

Renaming follows the christening of Android 4.4 as KitKat

Nestlé is rebranding KitKats as "YouTube Break" for a limited run of 600,000 bars in the UK.

The Google-branded chocolate bars are the first of a series of 100 million differently-branded biscuits that will be produced as part of a new Nestlé campaign.

Nestlé has run tie-ups with Google before. The company, which tends to name its mobile operating systems after desserts or sweet snacks, named Android 4.4 “KitKat” as part of a branding deal.

Alongside the change of name, YouTube will be launching new playlists meant to allow biscuit-eaters to best enjoy their breaks. Searching “KitKat YouTube my break” on Android phones will bring up a special set of the top four trending YouTube videos.

Nestlé is also stamping chocolate bars with a special hashtag and wrappers that suggest different kinds of breaks, including “me time break” and “sporty break”.

The tie-up is part of Nestlé’s celebration of KitKat’s 80th birthday, and YouTube’s 10th, the chocolate bar company said.