users can now stream music from Spotify's catalogue / users will now have access to the 20 million songs available on Spotify users are now able to stream tracks from Spotify for the first time.

The two music services have announced the collaboration which will give users of the music recommendation site access to the 20 million songs available on streaming programme Spotify.

Those who want to use the service, which currently only works on desktop browsers, will need to sync their Spotify and accounts.

By collaborating with Spotify, will restore its ability to pay tracks on-demand - a service it stopped in 2010.

The move comes after launched its Spotify app in 2012, and may be seen as a bid to boost itself after suffering from self-imposed pay-walls in the UK, US and Germany.

Simon Moran, Managing Director of said: “We continue to provide the best and most personalised music recommendations to our users – helping them to navigate the millions of available tracks.

“This collaboration with Spotify brings the together the best qualities of both services, creating a stronger listening and discovery experience for music lovers across the globe.”

A spokesperson from Spotify said: “Starting today. 's users, spanning over 50 countries, will now be able to listen to the entire Spotify music catalogue on-demand, including individual tracks, full albums, playlists and Spotify recommendations.”


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