The "God of War III" videogame hit the stores Tuesday eagerly awaited by US fans of the franchise based on a Spartan warrior's vendetta against Greek gods.

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) said the videogame is the final installment in a trilogy crafted exclusively for the Japanese electronic titan's PlayStation 3 consoles.

The latest title "couples jaw-dropping visuals with a gripping story sure to amaze fans and newcomers alike," said SCEA marketing vice president Scott Steinberg.

The action game picks up where the second title in the franchise let off. Fictional warrior Kratos must battle his way through Hades and to the top of Mount Olympus in a quest to alter his fate.

SCEA promises 3-D worlds that allow for "astonishing realism and new heightened levels of brutality and gore."

Some US shops opened a minute into Tuesday to begin selling "God of War III," which was priced at 60 dollars per copy.

Sony is counting on blockbuster titles to boost sales of its PlayStation 3 consoles, which compete with Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii devices.