LG's new TV is just 0.97mm thick and weighs 1.9kg

The new display is so thin that it could be rolled up into a tube for taking home

LG has revealed a 4K TV that is so thin it can be rolled up and put on the wall with magnets, using technology that most other  companies have abandoned.

The new TV is just 0.97mm thick and weighs 1.9kg, as well as being perfectly capable of being rolled up. It uses organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), a technology that has been largely left behind but which LG is still developing.

OLED TV’s are already widely-praised among video experts for their richer colours, deeper blacks and higher contrasts over even plasma displays, thanks to each diode being individually lit by electric current. This means they don’t need a backlight, making the extremely thin form possible.

The concept is so thin and flexible it could be rolled up and transported in a tube. By attaching to the wall by magnets, it would revolutionise the adaptability and usability of big screen televisions. The televisions could also be used in desk surfaces, windows or even installed on the ceiling.

LG plans to unveil the rollable display at the International Consumer Electronics Show in January 2016. Speaking to the Korea Times an LG official said “There are still a lot of technological barriers to put the conceptual TV into the industry’s mainstream; however the key thing is that people’s lives will be changed in a good way thanks to improvements in technology.”


Mass producing a television fitted with the display will be a complicated and lengthy process, but it could be on sale within the next few years.

The flexibility and slenderness of the display means it will be used in different applications like customisable lighting, wearable technology and automotive design, but it may be several years until it is commercially available.