Madonna's new album has had mixed success on the internet / Getty Images

‘Living for Love’ is the first video from a major artist to be premiered on the service

Madonna has become the biggest artist to premiere a music video through Snapchat.

The video for ‘Living for Love’ has been released through Snapchat’s new Discover feature, which was released last week. The feature was initially launched with participation from media organisations such as Vice and CNN.

But Snapchat has long been expected to make a bigger play for music, too. After December’s Sony Hack, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel said he was “devastated” by leaks that included its plans to forge partnerships with news organisations.

The video will be uploaded to more normal media in 24 hours, like much of the other content released through Snapchat’s Discover feature. But for the first day of its release, the only way to see it is with a Snapchat account.

All content on Discover is replaced after 24 hours.

Madonna’s most recent album, Rebel Heart, has had mixed success with the internet.

In December, it was leaked online twice, which Madonna controversially branded “artistic rape” and a “form of terrorism”.

She then provoked further online outrage with a series of tweets that used images of Bob Marley, Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela to promote her new album. The pictures superimposed a black cord over the men’s faces, to match the Rebel Heart album cover that sees Madonna in the same pose.