Speech and imaging solutions company Nuance has released a new mobile application that lets users dictate long emails and text messages without typing.

Dragon Dictation was released in the US on December 8 and is a brand new speech-to-text translator specifically designed for the iPhone platform.

"Dragon Dictation takes the messaging experience on the revolutionary iPhone to a whole new level," said Michael Thompson, senior vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile. "Dragon Dictation is also incredibly natural and intuitive. Users will soon find they're speaking more than typing using the power of speech to communicate even faster, whatever they're doing and wherever they are."

The application will instantly translate spoken words into text - which, the company says is up to five times faster than typing messages on your keyboard.

The dictated message can then be easily copied and pasted into other applications.

Bottle rocket's Voxie iPhone application also offers a similar speech-to-text service that will enable you to have up to 100 words converted to text over a seven-day period. After the free period expires users have to sign up to the paid service.

Dragon Dictation is currently available in the US App store for free. A representative from Nuance revealed the company is working on a regional roll-out for users not located in the US but no time frame has been specified.

Site: www.dragonmobileapps.com