Bloody scene is thought is the only difference between the domestic and international version of the Konami game

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain features a scene so violent that it was pulled from its domestic release.

The short video sequence, which shows a woman’s mutilated body, remains in the international version. But it was pulled from the Japanese release, in a likely demonstration of countries’ differing attitudes to computer game violence.

A video, originally shared at Kotaku, compares the difference between the two versions. The international one shows the graphic content in full, while the Japanese one uses different camera angles to show the blood but not its source.

As well as its graphic content, the video also features spoilers for those that have not yet completed the game.

This video shows a graphic sequence in which a woman’s intestines are hanging from her stomach.

The game’s collectors’ edition features another scene of the game that ended up being cut. That was an entire extra mission, which appears to add considerable extra gameplay as well as new narrative.

The collectors’ edition content reconstructs that edited scene, using concept art and early renders to show how it might have looked.

Metal Gear Solid V has been released to near-universal critical praise, and has sold 3 million copies in its first week.