Microsoft CEO shames iPhone-using employee

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer apparently grabbed an employee's iPhone and pretended to smash it a private Microsoft bash, according to Techflash.

The meeting at Seattle's Safeco Field showed Microsoft staff an overhaul of search engine Bing, a demonstration of Project Natal and the big reveal of the first Windows 7 television ad.

Even Saturday Night Live funnyman Seth Myers put in an appearance where there was "plenty of beer and Microsoft kool-aid to go around," reported the blog.

But the luckless staffer who tried to take a photo of Ballmer with an iPhone got a shock when the big boss grabbed the phone, made a few anti-Apple remarks while the crowd booed, and pretended to stomp on it.

Techflash said it was during Ballmer's trademark crazy entrance - high fives, mad noises and running around.

The whole scene was visible on Safeco Field's giant screen.

He referred to again during his main presentation, teasing the iPhone-toting staffer - who is probably shopping for a Windows Mobile-powered device right now.

Source: NZ Herald