Microsoft Corp.'s MSN home page has been given its first makeover in over ten years.

The newly-designed MSN homepage sports a clean, white background, organizes information that is more relevant to visitors, offers access to Microsoft's Bing search, integrates selected social networks, and displays the top headlines and entertainment news, revealed Microsoft on November 4.

MSN has seen more than 10 million new users visiting for the first time during the last year. It also has around 100 million regular US visitors heading to the site each month. But of those customers, many reported they wanted a more relevant website that was easier to navigate.

"Now is the time to clean up the mess on the Web - people need less clutter and less hassle to find what matters most to them," said Erik Jorgensen, corporate vice president, Microsoft. "Microsoft is uniquely invested in search, media experiences and technical innovation. Combining these assets to deliver our new MSN home page is a tremendous win for customers and advertisers."

Customers told us they want the latest information from their favorite sources, their friends and the breadth of the Web - and the new MSN home page delivers via a fresh new look and new features," Jorgensen said. "Today is an important transformation for MSN, and it's just the beginning."

US users will be first to access the site, with a full US roll-out of the redesigned MSN planned to take place by early next year. Those wanting to preview the new MSN site can head to