Revamped dashboard includes personalised home screens, app multi-tasking and voice commands for everything

Following on from their new TV spot released last week, Microsoft are continuing to push the multi-functionality of the upcoming Xbox One, with a new video giving gamers their clearest look yet at the console's new dashboard.

Microsoft have been slowly releasing details of the Xbox One's various new interfaces (including an updated friends feed that feels a lot like Twitter) but this video mainly looks at voice-command and multimedia aspects of the console.

Here’s a quick list of the features highlighted:

  • Personal home screen – the new console will recognise users automatically via input from the Kinect 2.0 and then sign them up, providing a customized home-screen with that players’ games and media
  • New reputation system – for the new console it’s a new start for users’ reputations, with the scores reset from the 360 and three new tiers created based on player feedback: ‘Good’, ‘Needs Improvement’ and ‘Avoid Me’.
  • Play while matchmaking – rather than staring a lobby screen scanning for available matches, the Xbox One will search for games as you look at other content
  • Record, edit and share gameplay – the Xbox One constantly records a five minute window of your gameplay, with users able to save any section they like, trim it quickly and the send it over social media
  • App switching and snapping – hopefully this feature will be as fluid as it is in the video above, with instantaneous switching between different media as well as the ability to multi-task with the ‘snap’ command
  • Skype integration in HD – one of the most practical uses for the (always bundle) Kinect 2.0 controller will be HD Skype calls at any time, including group calls with up to three friends