Logitec has blown the in-ear headphone market to bits with a new ultra-pro product with a price tag that will have trembling bank managers heading for the hills.

Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom Monitors are primarily designed for flashy touring artists, with the brand already claiming 75 per cent of the in-ear monitor market.

It counts artists like The Killers, System of a Down's frontman Serj Tankian and rockers Midnight Youth among its customers.

The UE 18s are the first in the range to feature a six speaker design, and are custom-fitted to each buyer's ears.

They include four-way crossovers with acoustic and electrical tuning, and three sound channels with individual in-line filters to deliver highs, mids and bass with exceptional clarity.

Ultimate Ears 18s are as compatible with wireless transmission systems as they are with an iPod, and come in a rugged, personalized aluminium road case.

Well-heeled buyers first need an appointment with audiologist Thomas Muller from Acoustix Hearing, who takes impressions of their ears and ear canals for an exact fit.

The impressions are then sent to Ultimate Ears, where a pair of custom in-ear monitors is made.

The ticket price for the premium UE monitors - are you sitting down? - is £829.