Mobile phone application store branches into new countries

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Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. plans to expand its mobile application store, offering customers living in Singapore, Germany, Brazil and China the ability to download mobile applications in one click on their Omnia II and OmniaLITE phones.

Users in Singapore, Germany, Brazil and China will be able to access the Samsung Apps store via their compatible mobile phone staring in late January. The store was previously only available to customers in the UK, France and Italy.

"Beginning with the global expansion of Samsung Apps, Samsung will make its application store available to owners of its upcoming flagship models. Our goal is to help everyone to enjoy rich, personalised mobile experiences, wherever and whenever they wish," said Kanghyun Kwon, vice-president of Samsung's Media Solution Centre. "To help customers get the best out of their Omnia devices, we are carefully categorising our applications and services, making them accessible, easily searchable, and always relevant to you."

A new feature will be introduced in mid-February, enabling consumers to download applications through their personal computer before syncing them to their mobile device. To enable this, Samsung have developed a new software suite called Kies. Like Apple's iTunes software, Kies provides the ability to back up applications already installed on a user's device and facilitates easy and faster application downloads via a connected PC.

Samsung will be previewing new mobile applications and their latest mobile technology at the Mobile World Congress 2010 from February 15 to 18 in Barcelona.