This week's most popular videos in the gaming section of how-to website Instructables show how to: use Nintendo Wiis to play DVDs; combine an Xbox with Star Wars' Millennium Falcon toy; and cram six games consoles into one old TV.

1) How to softmod your xbox...for FREE • 328,674 total views
This warranty-voiding guide explains how to modify an original Xbox (not the newer Xbox 360) using a PC, and two unofficial programs to create an alternative Xbox operating system.

2) Christmas card with inbuilt retro video game for under $10 • 11,808 total views
Using cardboard, wrapping paper, and a bunch of cheap electronic components to make a simple two-color 64-pixel videogame card.

3) Nerf Gun Modifications • 266,102 total views
These water pistols have tighter barrels, made from miniature train set parts, resulting in a faster and more powerful jet. Eye protection is advised!

4) Use Your Wii As A Dvd Player • 94,987 total views
The Nintendo Wii does not come with a DVD-playing function, but for those willing to void the manufacturer's warranty, this guide shows how to add such a capability.

5) Connect your Xbox 360 online using your laptop • 80,038 total views
By using both of a Windows Vista laptop's wireless and wired network connections, Xbox 360 owners can play online without buying an Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter.

6) How to mod xbox into Star Wars Millennium Falcon • 13,946 total views
By taking apart a Star Wars toy and an original Xbox, this hobbyist made an enhanced Millennium Falcon-shaped case for his games console.

7) Build a Paintball Mine • 31,460 total views
Not exactly videogame related, unless considered an exciting version of shooters like Counter Strike: if playing paintball in the arid Arizona desert isn't enough fun, here's how to make a paintball trap.

8) Super Cheap and Easy Fog Chiller • 37,763 total views
Quite how this counts as gaming is perhaps unimportant when considering the engineering kudos to be gained at a school play by making sure a fog machine's fog does not float away.

9) Play anything from NES to Xbox with the Skittlespider A.T.S • 17,260 total views
Building the ultimate retro gaming machine by cramming a NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, PlayStation 1, and Xbox inside an old TV case.

10) Hacking a USB Keyboard • 112,903 total views
Taking apart a standard computer keyboard and using the innards to create any sort of computer-compatible keyboard device - from old typewriters to a dance mat or even a light sensitive cell.

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