The current most viewed contributions to the gaming section of how-to website Instructables explain the process of putting games onto a scientific calculator, enabling a PlayStation 2 to play games from around the world, and repairing a cracked screen on the Nintendo DS.

1) Solve Sudoku (Without even thinking!) - views: 373,765
A technique for the brain-game Sudoku that, through a process of elimination, allows puzzle fans to return to an unfinished grid at any time. Works for video game versions but requires a good old pen and paper.

2) How to softmod your xbox...for FREE - views: 333,861
This warranty-voiding guide explains how to modify an original Xbox (not the newer Xbox 360) using a PC, and two unofficial programs to create an alternative Xbox operating system.

3) Nerf Gun Modifications. - views: 269,171
These water pistols have tighter barrels, made from miniature train set parts, resulting in a faster and more powerful jet. The use of eye protection is advised!

4) How to Put Games on your TI-84 plus or TI-84 plus silver edition - views: 203,942
Instructions for installing Tetris and remakes of other popular and retro video games on the smaller screens of Texas Instrument scientific calculators.

5) Xbox 360 - views: 166,956
A collection of other Instructables on modifying, customizing, repairing, and setting up the Xbox 360 games console, including how to make an arcade-style controller, playing online on a low-quality connection, and making an Xbox out of paper and cardboard.

6) The Office supplies trebuchet - views: 165,199
A trebuchet or catapult based on medieval siege warfare devices that stands 3 inches (7.5 cm) tall and can fling small objects up to 4 feet (1.2 m), made from paper clips, tape, string, Blu-Tack, used batteries and a rubber band.

7) Mod a PlayStation 2 Slimline for FREE! NO CHIPS! - views: 139,486
A simple guide to enabling a PlayStation 2 to play games from other regions by blocking two disc tray sensors prior to using a special DVD.

8) Replace the top screen of a Nintendo DS (without opening up the bottom half) - views: 139,038
A guide to removing and replacing a cracked screen on the original model Nintendo DS. The author also links to his repair guide for the Nintendo DS Lite.

9) Nerf Guns - views: 123,656
A collection of 16 Instructables for the popular toy guns that shoot foam darts. Learn how to make those foam projectiles shoot out faster and further; make customized foam pellets, and change the style of the gun with a steampunk pirate style or a 500-rpm machine rifle.

10) Hacking a USB Keyboard - views: 113,666
Taking apart a standard computer keyboard and using the innards to create any sort of computer-compatible keyboard device - from old typewriters to a dance mat or even a light-sensitive cell.

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