MySpace and Twitter launch and update dedicated developer sites

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Social networking sites MySpace and Twitter are launching new developer sites.

On December 9 Twitter made four major announcements at the LeWeb internet conference in Paris, one of which was that it will launch a brand new developers’ site within the next few weeks.

The site will contain helpful information for developers such as “Things Every Developer Should Know.” There will also be tutorials, an API (application programming interface) console and a full search so developers can find out all the information required to build applications for Twitter.

The site will contain content that will be uploaded by Twitter as well content that is created and submitted by the Twitter developers community. 

In 2010 Twitter will also hold an official "Chirp" developers conference. The first of which will be held in San Francisco sometime within 2010. 

MySpace also had some big announcements. The News Corp.-owned company said they would be opening up their API streams up to the public, giving developers access to MySpace’s public stream.

The music-based social networking site has also updated their developers website, making it easier and more simple for developers to create applications for the MySpace community.