Netflix on Android updated to bring films to your watch

App update also brings social sharing features, so you can share films with your friends

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Netflix has updated its Android app — bringing the service to smartwatches along with a host of social-focused new features.

The update adds new recommendation features, so that you can tell friends about films or TV shows that you’ve enjoyed via Facebook. The sharing happens privately, and friends will be notified next time they log on to the app.

The update also takes advantage of Android’s interactive notifications, meaning that films can be started or controlled from the notifications, or you can get more information on what you’re watching and thank a friend for their recommendation.

The update also brings Android Wear integration, meaning that Netflix can be controlled through smartwatches.

Netflix, shown on a smart watch. Picture: Netflix

Watches will now alert you about recommendations, and watch or play films or TV programmes. Like on the apps, you can find out more information or thank friends through the app.

Netflix’s social recommendation feature was rolled out for the website, iPad, iPhone, PlayStation 3, Xbox and many smart set-top boxes and TVs in September.