One of the Xbox 360's most anticipated games, Alan Wake, was confirmed for release this May as a new trailer was shown at Microsoft's X10 press event on Thursday February 11.

Alan Wake tells the story of a writer who vacations in a quiet lakeside town in order to rediscover his creative spark. Without warning, he is flung into a strange psychological thriller as his wife goes missing and his world is plunged into darkness.

The game was first announced in 2005, coinciding with the unveiling of the Xbox 360. It was written by Finnish author Sam Lake (Sami Järvi)who created the strong storyline behind the video games Max Payne (2001) and Max Payne 2 (2003).

Alan Wake is now due to appear in North American shops on May 18 and on May 21 in European regions.

Link: Official Alan Wake X10 trailer on YouTube