The four-man studio behind upcoming side-on motocross racer Joe Danger has released a new trailer showing off the game's single player, multiplayer, and stunt track creator modes.

The game's brightly colored and joyful style has been garnering considerable attention ever since the lads at Hello Games started previewing it towards the latter end of 2009.

Reminiscent of video game classics such as Excitebike and Motocross Maniacs, Joe Danger is the titular caricatured pro-am daredevil who begs to be hurled across four-lane landscapes of jumps, loops, bonus items, and even shark pools.

In its short lifespan, Joe Danger has also managed to become one of the Independent Games Festival's Grand Prize finalists, along with the multiplayer heist game Monaco, 2D action puzzler Rocketbirds: Revolution!, the heavily stylized platformer Super Meat Boy!, and the beautiful point-and-click adventure Trauma.

The release of Joe Danger's debut trailer will whet appetitles for the full downloadable game, expected to be available for download sometime between April and June, though fans will be hoping that the surprise video tease means it will be out sooner rather than later.

The debut trailer can be seen at