Not such a 'bro' after all: President Obama doesn't follow David Cameron on Twitter

He follows a David Cameron from Oregon though

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He might have boasted that the President calls him 'bro', but David Cameron is apparently not even worthy of a follow from Obama on Twitter.

Using the tool SocialRank, The Next Web discovered that the Prime Minister follows the President, but not vice versa.

This isn't because he has chosen not too though, but because he is following the wrong David Cameron (which is maybe even sadder - he couldn't be bothered to locate the right one).

@DavidCameron is in fact not even a deceptive parody account – it's just a man from Oregon with a William Riker figurine for a profile picture.

The other David Cameron is the subject of much misdirected anger due to the similarities between his handle and @David_Cameron's, and occasionally responds to the people calling him names quite politely.

The @BarackObama account is handled by Organizing For Action (who will probably swiftly correct the error this week), with tweets from the President being signed with a 'bo'.