In this handout image provided by British Airways, Nicole Scherzinger tries on an Oculus Rift headset, that British Airways will use as a virtual reality technology to bring to life some of the most iconic US destinations for European customers

The headset — along with all the necessary accessories — will cost $599

The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset has gone on general sale, marking the first time that the general public can buy the device that many think could bring virtual reality to the masses.

But the headset costs $599 — and also requires a high-powered computer to be able to run it.

The headsets will start shipping to those who pre-order now from March 2016, according to the website.

As well as the headset, users will get an Oculus Remote, an Xbox controller for games, and two free titles.

But many were annoyed by the price of the headset. The company had previously said that it could cost $200-$400, before announcing that the price would be “at least $300”.

And people will still have to have access to a high-powered computer able to run the complex games. Oculus is offering a tool on its website to allow people to check whether their PC is powerful enough.

The Rift’s main competitor is the Samsung Gear VR, which is already on sale. That only costs $99 — but requires a Samsung phone to power it, which has to be bought on top.

Oculus has announced that backers of its Kickstarter campaign will receive free sets of the consumer headset, after a controversy.