Siri is becoming Apple's unofficial spokesperson on pop culture events

Siri, Apple personal assistant turned sass robot, has been given an update to reference Caitlyn Jenner's transition.

Anyone asking about her former name is now met with right-on responses like "The full name of Caitlyn Jenner is Caitlyn Jenner", and when quizzed on Bruce Jenner's gender, she fires back "The answer is female." stopping just short of snapping her fingers and shouting "YAAAS QUEEN!"

'I love you' BuzzFeed declared to Siri over the update, delighted to have its culturally right-on opinions reflected back through a computer program.



In 2013, a job description revealed that Apple was looking for a creative type to breathe more life into Siri, expanding on her 'cultural knowledge and zeal to explain things in engaging and funny ways.'

Last month, Siri broke mildly disturbed the internet with a bleak response to 'what is zero divided by zero?'

Caitlyn Jenner received ESPN's Arthur Ashe Award for Courage this week, breaking down during a 10-minute speech in which she called for respect for all trans people.