Original Grand Theft Auto receiving 3D remake 16 years after publication

1997 title that started the record-breaking franchise is currently being give a makeover by one of the original coders

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The latest instalment of Rockstar’s premier game series, Grand Theft Auto 5, has been world-conquering: receiving universal critical acclaim and smashing world records left, right and centre.

But now, an original GTA designer is taking things back to the beginning by re-building the first game in the series, this time in 3D.

The GTA forefather in question is Michael Dailly, who now works as the Head of Development at YoYo Games. Initially reported by usgamer.net, Dailly is using YoYo’s GameMaker: Studio package to rebuild the game in a 3D format, using a new engine.

The original game was technically in 3D, but was viewed from a top-down perspective, giving it the appearance of a 2D game.

Dailly has been keeping us updated via his Twitter account, posting photos of his development process, showing a pixelated world with a few large holes seemingly giving way to oblivion. But of course, it’s a work in progress, and although it’s far from the sprawling beauty of GTA 5, it’s impressive nonetheless.

There are no concrete plans from Dailly to release the new game to the public, which will come as a disappointment to those who want to take a trip down the revamped memory lane.