Phone maker speeds ahead with mobile radar

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Nokia Research Center (NRC) is working on a mobile radar that is capable of measuring the speed and direction of approaching objects.

The radar is just one of more than 40 innovations Nokia's Research Center is currently working on in the hope of improving and enhancing the mobile experiences for future users.

While many of the projects will never be released on commercial phones, those that do could have a huge impact on our every day mobile experiences.

"This research concept could enable new ways for users to interact with their device, for example via gesture control. It also opens the door for the creation of radar based applications which could be used in sport, for entertainment or personal safety," wrote Nokia in their January 27 press release.

The Mobile Radar technology is similar to that used in police radars but physical applications for the mobile radar may be very different to those demonstrated by the police.

A video ( demonstrating the technology shows a music player's volume being adjusted by a wave of the hand (even when the phone is in a pocket and obscured by trousers). The video also paints a picture of the future possibilities for the technology such as motion-based gaming and movement-based security.

The Mobile Radar was unveiled at Aalto University in Espoo, Finland during NRC's Demo House 2010 on January 27.