Capcom, publisher of both the enduring Resident Evil series of video games and the Lost Planet saga has revealed the first pre-order bonus available for February's Lost Planet 2. Details have been firmed up for North American customers who will be able to play as one of Resident Evil's recurring bad guys, Albert Wesker, as a reward for confirming their interest in the title.

Retail franchise Gamestop have secured the exclusive deal which also means that players pre-ordering through them will get Wesker's unique revolver as well.

The preceding game, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, was an off-world third person shooter, telling the science-fiction story of humanity's attempt to escape an increasingly inhospitable Earth and colonize a new home planet.

Despite receiving average to good reviews, it did very well once on sale, especially in North America and Japan. Although the ensuing conversion to PlayStation 3 and PC platforms encountered problems, fans who didn't have 360s were eager enough to play it in some form or another, and snapped it up almost regardless of the relative gameplay difficulties.

So hopes are high for the sequel, expected early February in North America and late March in Europe, and European retailers will no doubt follow in tying up a deal for the equivalent pre-order bonus soon enough.