New software replaces iPhoto, cleaning and speeding it up

Photos for Mac, Apple’s new picture editing software, has entered public beta allowing anyone in a trial scheme to use the software.

The new software is part of OS X 10.10.3 — the most recent version of the software, which has been released as part of Apple’s beta programme. Anyone can sign up to the trial programme, which was first used over the summer to release early versions of Yosemite and will soon allow people to try out versions of iOS before they are released to the public.

The new Photos app was initially announced in June, and is expected to be fully released in Spring. It was previewed last month.

It replaces iPhoto, slimming it down and integrating it even more with iCloud. It also unifies many of the features with the iPhone and iPad, bringing a look and feel similar to the Photos app on iOS.

The developer seed of the app has been described as fast, and has been praised for fixing many of the long-standing problems with its predecessor, iPhoto.