A partial eclipse seen in USA as the sun sets in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Kit can be assembled with things that might be lying around your house

A pinhole camera is a great last-minute way of capturing the spectacular solar eclipse moving over Britain this morning. And you can put one together with things that might be in your house.

The most difficult piece of the kit to get hold of is photo paper, which is used to actually capture the image. You can buy it from most hobby or photo shops.

First, grab a light-proof box. You could use a shoe box or a leftover delivery one, so long as light can’t get in through five of its six sides. Make a small hole in the box, with scissors or a knife, and then cover it with the thinnest tin foil you can find. Then put a small hole in the tin foil using a pin or other tool.

If you can, stick a small flap over the hole so that you can choose when to open the box up to the light.

Then paint the inside black and seal it up.

You can then head into a dark room and stick the photo paper against the side of the box. You’ll have to be careful, now, because if the photo paper is exposed then it will ruin your picture. Take it out and point the pin towards the sun. (Remember not to look at it!) Expose the image for between 30 seconds and four minutes.

Your image should be done, now. So you can cover up the box again and take the photo paper to be developed.