PlayStation Now UK: Sony gives PS4 owners unlimited access to its PS3 games library

Service lets people stream PS3 games over the internet

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PlayStation Now has launched in the UK, letting PS4 owners stream PS3 games from the internet.

The service has launched in beta, letting anyone try it for the first time in the UK. The scheme was revealed in January, and has been gradually rolling out since then.

For now, players can sign up to the service if they have a Sony Entertainment Network account with a card attached to it, a Dualshock 4 or 3 controller, or a PlayStation 4. But the company says that it plans to put the service on the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV later.

The open beta includes games like Bioshock Infinite, Final Fantasy XIII, Tomb Raider Underworld, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge. Each of the games will be available on two or 30 day rentals, for between £2.99 and £7.99, depending on what game it is.

Players will initially only be able to pay for individual games through the rental service. But the company will be opening up the subscription service — which works like a Netflix for games — later this year.